jeudi 9 février 2017

Attraction Inc. passes the torch to a new generation

The Quebec manufacturer of promotional
clothing is purchased by two executives. 

Attraction Inc., a Quebec leader in the design, manufacture
and identification of promotional clothing, will be wholly owned
by the Vice-President of Operations, Julia Gagnon, niece of
the founders, Jean-Marc and Simon Gagnon, and her spouse,
Sébastien Jacques, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing,
by the end of February, and the entire team will remain in place.

Founded in 1980, Attraction Inc. is best known for its range
of eco-friendly Ethica apparel. “Ensuring the sustainability
of the company has always been our goal, but combined
with the fact that it will continue to grow through a family
succession achieves a dual objective,” said the Gagnon brothers.

Attraction has been manufacturing promotional clothing in Quebec
for 37 years, and employs over 100 people at its Lac-Drolet facilities,
in the Eastern Townships region. Attraction carries out the design,
manufacture and identification of apparel, which is then distributed
across Canada. Specializing in promotional clothing for organizations
of all kinds, for businesses and for the tourist and recreational market,
the company has shown significant growth in recent years.

Sales of the Ethica collection alone surged 30% in 2016, resulting
in the hiring of new employees for the workshop. The upcoming
addition of a new production line will support this growth and allow
an expansion of the product offering. Moreover, the recently awarded
exclusive distribution licence for Anderson Design Group,
a renowned creative studio, confirms Attraction’s leading position
in the market of tourist and recreational clothing in Canada.

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